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Facilities of the 2018 FIFA World Cup
In preparation for the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia, 12 stadiums were built and reconstructed in 11 Russian cities. Polyplast products were used in each construction object.
Olympic facilities in Sochi
The Olympic Park is one of the main objects of the 2014 Winter Olympic Games in Sochi, located on the territory of the Adler district of Sochi, in the Imereti Lowland, on the Black Sea coast. On the territory of the Olympic Park there are the main sports facilities where competitions in ice hockey, speed skating, short track, figure skating, curling, as well as the opening and closing ceremonies of the XXII Winter Olympic Games were held. The construction of the Olympic Park facilities was carried out in preparation for the Winter Olympics using Polyplast products. The mountain cluster is located near the village of Krasnaya Polyana, higher up the gorge of the Mzymta River.
Cosmodrome «Vostochny»
Cosmodrome «Vostochny» is a Russian cosmodrome in the Far East in the Amur Region, near the city of Tsiolkovsky, 45 km north of the city of Svobodny and the military cosmodrome of the same name. The first Russian civilian cosmodrome. The total area is about 700 km2.
Bridge to Russky Island
Bridge to Russky Island is a cable-stayed bridge in Vladivostok across the Vostochny Bosphorus Strait, connecting the Nazimov Peninsula with Cape Novosilsky on Russky Island. The construction was started on September 3, 2008 as part of the city's preparation program for the APEC Summit in 2012. The second highest bridge in the world, the height is 324 meters. It has the largest span in the world among cable-stayed bridges, with a length of 1104 meters. Polyplast products were used in the construction process.
Port of Ust-Luga
Commercial sea Port (MTP) in the north-west of Russia, in the Leningrad region, in the Luga Bay of the Gulf of Finland of the Baltic Sea near the village of Ust-Luga. It is built with the use of Polyplast products.
Nizhnekamsk Oil Refinery
The complex of TANECO oil refineries. The Russian enterprise of the oil refining industry, which includes a complex of oil refining and petrochemical plants under construction in the city of Nizhnekamsk of the Republic of Tatarstan.
Vyksa STAN-5000
The STAN-5000 metallurgical complex is designed for the production of wide rolled sheets and will meet the needs for a wide steel sheet for enterprises of metallurgy, mechanical engineering, shipbuilding, the nuclear industry, the military-industrial complex and other industries. The production of the complex was carried out using Polyplast products.