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Construction of poultry breeding sites with Polyplast additives

The Penza region is systematically flooded with poultry houses of the largest turkey producer in Russia – the Damate group of companies.

In the Pachelma district, 8 rearing buildings and as many as 24 turkey fattening buildings are being built.

The implementation of this project allows not only to provide a powerful improvement in the production indicators of the region, but also to create more and more jobs.

During construction, a superplasticizing additive with the effect of slowing down the setting is used – POLYPLAST SP-3.
In addition to increasing the mobility of the concrete mixture without reducing the strength, the additive helps:
  • reduce the amount of sealing water
  • increase the final strength characteristics of concrete
  • reduce cement consumption
  • to obtain concretes with increased water resistance and frost resistance
  • reduce the time and effort required to vibrate the concrete mixture.